Featuring the Aputure MC light

I shot this with a simple Aputure MC light as a single light source by pointing it at the background. The Aputure MC light is set at 100% intensity and I used the Sidus Link app to select the colour. With blackout curtains drawn to prevent daylight from coming in, I had to slow down my shutter speed to 1/10s so that the image is not underexposed. The background is slightly apart from the surface and I placed the glass closer to the edge of the table facing the background with my camera about 0.5m away so as to have the separation line closer to the bottom of the glass. I prefer this than having the line right in the middle of the glass. I used water with red food colouring to mimic red wine and edited this in Lightroom Classic by changing all the other colours except red (hue, saturation, lamination) to 0. I did some cloning and healing for the red background so that it looks like fire dissipating from the centre.

I tried shooting this with flash and the MC light but the flash only made the MC light disappear as it’s much stronger in intensity. I also tried it with daylight and MC light but the reflections on the glass from from the things in my room was too distracting. One of the reasons I could get away with just a single LED light was due to the fact that I shoot in a small room so if you are shooting in a larger space, you may need to use some foam core for bounce or use a stronger light source.

I highly recommend trying out this pocket sized and powerful Aputure MC light as you can change it to many different colours, has many special effects which would create an interesting look to your photos, is easily controlled via the Sidus link, is magnetic so it can hang on your C-stand/light stand and can be hidden behind a bigger object if need be to create certain looks or moods.

BTS Red Wine | Joyce Leong Food Photography

BTS Fiery Red Wine

Camera Settings: 6D MK II and Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM ISO100, f2.2, 1/10s Aputure MC LED

Blue Monday Cocktail

BTS Blue Monday Cocktail

BTS Blue Monday Cocktail

Camera Settings: 6D MK II and Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM ISO100, f3.5, 1/5s Aputure MC LED

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