How A Professional Photography Shoot Happens

How A Professional Photography Shoot Happens

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It starts with an idea, a story, a concept, an emotion you wish to evoke or all of the above and more. Your needs vary and my questions are many so as to provide you with an accurate estimate.  Usually through our conversation, I uncover the reasons and how the images would be used, whether you have a creative brief, mood board or reference images of how you would like your images to look like. I provide suggestions on curating your shot list if you have not decided what and how many images you require from your photo shoot. With our unlimited creative assets subscription, you can opt for all the visual assets from your shoot. Your objectives for your images is key as that would determine the scope and extent of your shot list. As an ex branding and marketing professional, I am aware of how professional imagery when aligned with your goals can provide a huge uptick to your sales. Should you wish to schedule a free discovery call, please click here or if email is your preferred way of communication, please email your questions here

My Process

If additional crew members such as photography assistant and food stylist is needed for the shoot, I would check their schedule and get back to you on possible shoot dates. For such projects, a timeline of a minimum of 1 weeks or more is necessary so that we can secure suitable crew members for your shoot. Similarly, if other services such as conceptualisation, art direction, creation of set, creation of paper props, purchase of backdrops and props, recipe development etc are to be part of the project, a timeline of 2 weeks or more is required. Should you decide to work with me, you can subscribe here.

Once you subscribe, I'll send you a Trello board link and you can proceed to submit your first request. Whether it's a shoot date or concept development, I'll get on it right away. Should you be providing the mood board or creative brief, I usually tack on my views, thoughts, additional imagery and how we should approach the shoot for the best results. Subsequently I send you my backdrops and props catalogue whereby I highlight specific props and backdrops that would suit your concept. You are encouraged to look through and get back to me on some options that you are interested in. All of our options would be set aside for the next step: Prop Setups. I would shoot a series of props and backdrops options in various lighting conditions (minus the hero) for your consideration. This allows us to further narrow down the backdrops and props for the actual shoot.

Shoot Day

If the shoot is at your location, I typically either ask for images of your shooting space. For food shoots where your crew and chefs would be involved, I would send you a Hands in Frame guide as well as some key pointers for your team to take note of prior to the shoot. For shoots that is taking place at my kitchen studio, a schedule would be sent out ahead of shoot day. Regardless of whether you choose to attend the shoot in person or remotely via Google Meet, you would be able to view, select and approve the images via the web as I shoot through a unique URL link I send to you at the start of the shoot. The link is valid for a week so you and your team can review the images over the next few days before you make your final selections. You can choose to stay throughout the remote shoot or stay for a short while before leaving. As you are able to view the images as I shoot and stay contactable during the shoot via WhatsApp, you can approve the shots or answer any questions that may arise during the shoot. Should you choose to send over your products/food, please make arrangements and note that courier charges (round trip) are to be borne by you. There are no charges regardless of whether you wish for me to pack up your products or dispose of them after the shoot. Please provide notice if you are unable to attend the shoot and need to reschedule the shoot to a later date.

Post Production

Once payment is received for your selected images, I would proceed to edit them and send the retouched images to you via Wetransfer within 72 hours depending on the volume and complexity of the visual assets. Should I require to break down delivering the assets, I would deliver them in batches every 72 hours. Should you require tweaks to the images, I would retouch them according to your feedback that you leave in Trello and send them to you via Wetransfer. At the end of the project, I would send you a Google review request. I would be grateful if you can leave a few sentences on my services and your experience of co-creating with me.

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